ph Marco Furio Magliani





Since childhood I have been surrounded by a cultural and artistic environment. My father, Mauro Magliani is art photographer and my brother, Marco Furio Magliani, portrait photographer. Ever since I was a child, thanks to my grandfather, who was fond of graphic design and illustration, I was able to experiment and play with shapes, colors and materials.

After concluding the art school Modigliani of Padua, I attended a bachelor of Industrial Design at the IUAV in Venice. I later attended a bachelor of design graphique at the art school ECAL in Lausanne. During my studies I was able to gain different work experience, in Padua, Venice, Milan and Los Angeles. After concluding my studies, I started a series of collaborations, including Studio Camuffo in Venice and H-Farm in Roncade, in addition to the ongoing collaboration with the family business.

Currently I work with a team of designers and photographers under the pseudonym of Studio Mango


You can find me also on:

Studio Mango


Disturbance, a Visual Display of Migraine Aura


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